Citizenship Limited, owners of the only online video course specifically designed to help prospective UK citizens pass the Life in the UK Test, has learned that an authoritative American academic has slated the British test, believing it to be full of trivia. Citizenship Limited’s site, has helped thousands with the tricky test.

Dr.Thom Brooks has told the Guardian that knowing the year that Emperor Claudius invaded Britain or the year that Sake Dean Mahomet launched the first curry house in the country or the age of Big Ben represents pure trivia compared to the practical trial that is needed.

Dr.Brooks echoed the sentiment expressed by the vice-chair of the all party group on migration, Lord Roberts of Llandudno who says the current test is both “impractical and irrelevant, as it stands” and calls for the test to be changed.

His feeling is that Britons should better understand how to participate in daily life instead of knowing which emperor invaded Britain in AD43

Brooks also points out the gender inequality of the test, “the test requires you to know about 30 men in British history but only 4 women – there are no women artists, musicians or poets mentioned”.

He goes on to say that “there are about 3,000 facts including 5 telephone numbers, 34 websites several excerpts of British poetry and 278 historical dates”

The Home Office response is that mundane information about train timetables, water meters and using the internet have been taken out and replaced with items that focus on values and principles at the heart of being British.

In response to Dr. Brooks a Conservative party spokesman tersely opines that there is no surprise as Dr. Brooks is an active member of the Labour party.