Some people take the immigration laws to the extreme as we learned last week that a Nigerian, Jayeola Abiola, 27, could not name his wife at a marriage ceremony in Hull. Citizenship Limited, the company that operates the only online video course to help migrants through the Life in the UK test, learned that Abiola gave 29 year old, Portugese national, Vania Pinheiro Fernandes £5000 to stage a sham marriage so that he could obtain a visa to stay in the UK.

When they arrived for the marriage ceremony and prepared to walk down the aisle to the familiar ballad “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, the local registrar became suspicious when neither Abiola not Fernandes could answer the most basic questions about each other. When he asked Fernandes about her passport photograph which did not appear anything like her she gave an incorrect surname and Abiola appeared not to know Fernandes’s name at all.

The registrar immediately contacted the immigration authorities and the wedding was halted. Both were arrested and charged.

Whilst handing down prison sentences of 12 months to Abiola and 8 months to Fernandes, the Judge remarked that the wedding was purely a commercial enterprise and as such, a criminal act. Fernandes went along with the “charade” by claiming to be someone she wasn’t.

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