The new test and new regulations are working for the Government in their promise to decimate the immigration numbers. It will be very interesting to see the statistics for this year’s Life in the UK Test when they at issued by the UK Border Agency later this year. Citizenship Limited, owners of the online video course, have scrutinised the last two years figures. “The government appear to be on target with their post election pledge to reduce the number of migrants allowed indefinite right to remain in the UK”, says John Deverell, Managing Director of Citizenship Limited. ” They wanted to reduce the numbers from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands by the next election”. The numbers taking the test have dramatically dropped over the past two years, in 2010 the total was 192,476 with an average pass rate of 73%. In 2011 the number dipped to 167,168 with the percentage apes rate up to 80%. The 2012 totals have not yet been released but up until the end of the first quarter a reduction of some 28% has been recorded. But the new test, introduced in April 2013 is expected to reduce the pass rate even more dramatically.The new test is much trickier and may serve as a deterrent to several people in particular when further restrictions come into force in October. From October this year, anyone applying for indefinite right to remain here must both pass the Life in the UK test and provide documentary proof that they have completed and passed, an approved English course.