The Home Secretary, Theresa May has yielded to a raft of damning reports from government committees and disbanded the Border Agency in favour of two new departments.

Citizenship Limited owners of the only online video course specifically designed for those taking the difficult Life in the UK Test can report that the Agency will now be operated by the newly formed UK Visas and Immigration Agency. It will work closely with the also newly formed Immigration Enforcement Command. Both agencies have been brought back within the control of government ministers.

In part, this change has been made to ease the burden of the UKBA which has been the victim of extremely bad press over the past few years. But it appears that this “rebranding” has been met with little enthusiasm as it was admitted by Sarah Rapson, the new Director General of the UK Visas and Immigration Agency, that the backlog of immigration cases has reached over 500,000 which would, in her words take over four decades to clear!

This staggering figure is up from 321,000 in the previous report and has set many alarm bells ringing.

A government spokesman, Sir Anthony Green who chairs the right wing Migration Watch UK says that the “Government inherited a system in chaos”.

He goes on to acknowledge that the half-million figure is a stark wake-up call and substantial resources must be applied commensurate to the task in hand. operate the only online video course for prospective citizens and those seeking indefinite leave to remain in the UK who will be taking the Life in the UK Test.