According to certain MP’s the Government relies on contrived and wholly inaccurate data to form its net immigration figures.

Citizenship Limited owners of the only online video course for the Life in the UK Test has uncovered an ongoing dispute between the Immigration Minister, Mark Harper and the Public Administration Committee who claims that published immigration figures are “little better than a best guess” and the system for gathering the data is antiquated and unfit for purpose.

To all intents and purposes the Government does appear to be achieving its stated aim to bring immigration down substantially from hundreds of thousands in the noughties to tens of thousands by election year, 2015.

The spat appears to be over the figures that the Office of National Statistics uses that are based on the International Passenger Surveys carried out at all British ports. The shadow Immigration Minister, Chris Bryant says the figures are ” a bit dodgy”. Even the right wing Migration Watch admits that the current system is not precise and should be improved upon.

The Minister contends that the immigration figures have been reduced but the number of skilled workers entering the country has been improved upon. It is the view of others, including that of Vince Cable, the coalition’s Business Secretary that simply reducing net migration is misleading as students are being targeted which is wrong as they are technically just visitors and a valuable source of net income to the country.

Using the platform of the Andrew Marr show on BBC television, Mr. Cable launched an attack on stated “net immigration figures, which” he said ” the Conservatives are preoccupied with but is not a government objective”. He went on to describe the current programme of trucks driving around London calling on illegal immigrants to give themselves up to the authorities or face arrest, as ” stupid and offensive”.

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