Another batch of figures, certain to fuel racism and strong emotional backlash within the British public are deemed to be rubbish. But how long can this sort of exploitation continue?

Time after time, the politicians have taken the convenient line of sitting back whilst the public are presented with “facts” on several subjects, that have proven to be, quite simply wrong! When it comes to such emotive and vital aspects such as immigration, we feel that every single statement, every action, every figure that is released should be properly checked and verified – there should be zero tolerance for wrong information.

But here we go again! Citizenship Limited, the owners of the only online video course for those taking the difficult Life in the UK Test that all prospective citizens must sit and pass, have uncovered an astonishing revelation. The right-wing, Government think-tank, Migration Watch, released figures earlier this year that were immediately picked up by the press, TV and television. They stunned the immigration debate by letting the nation know that as many as 300,000 new migrants from Rumania and Bulgaria were about to flood through the UK borders seeking jobs and housing. Absolutely no evidence was presented, purely bald figures.

According to Atul Hatwal, Director of Migration Matters, their research proves that as few as 20,000 Romanians and Bulgarians are set to arrive in the UK next year claiming the Migration Watch information to be both unfounded and inflammatory.

We believe that no matter who is right or wrong in this matter, the principle should be clear and that is, no-one would be allowed to release information that is both unproven and incorrect on matters that may provoke discrimination. We believe that such information has the sole intent to inflame passions and lead to racial insecurity and divisions. Surely the criminal code on racism should be tested on Migration Watch who seem set on blatant disrespect for the outcome of their actions.

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