Well – lack of policy may be the determining factor as Labour shadow cabinet minister takes a swipe at the leadership for not exercising any clear vision or policies.

The shadow Health Minister, Diane Abbott weighed in with a swingeing attack on the Labour leadership last week. Ms Abbott accused her leader, Ed Miliband of being soft on policy and bowing too much to the opinion polls. Ms Abbott told the Labour supporting website, Progress, that “Mr Miliband spent too much time worrying about opinion polls which showed that promises to cut immigration were popular with voters”

She believes that despite Miliband’s “heart being in the right place”, he is bowing to the popular Tory policy of reducing immigration figures from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands each year. Part of the Tory tactics to achieve this goal have proven to be very unpopular. It is Ms Abbotts contention that immigration should/could be increased.

Citizenship Limited who operates the only online video course for those taking the Life in the UK Test (www.lifeinukthetest.co.uk) have been keeping a close eye on the dispute from both sides of the House. It believes that, as unpopular as the Conservative policy may be in certain areas, at least it is a policy. The opposition parties are lining up to take swipes at the Government but none have presented a proper strategy, let alone a policy, of how the problem should be handled. What is insidious and totally unacceptable is the way in which piecemeal actions have been embraced by the Home Office to try to “catch” so-called immigration fraud. By any stretch of the imagination, police ‘traps’ at railway stations, banners and lorries with placards urging non-authorised immigrants to “give themselves up” serve to trivialise the policy and make it unpalatable to a tolerant and understanding society.

“We have long advocated a fair, balanced and reasonable approach to the immigration debate”, says John Deverell, Managing Director of Citizenship Limited. “For too long now, thousands of innocent migrants, most of whom are genuine, honest and hard working, have been the butt of a relentless Government onslaught. It must be terrible to know that your day is filled with uncertainty as public emotions are being stirred by irresponsible actions and reporting that is both incorrect and malicious”, he goes on to say.