In an interview with Good Housekeeping Magazine last week, Jamie Oliver makes his position on immigration very clear.

In an outburst of passion, the celebrity chef, TV presenter and restauranteur, Jamie Oliver took a break from his latest crusades on school dinners and fast foods to endorse the working ethic of Britain’s immigrants. Oliver, whose television programmes are broadcast to over 40 countries worldwide and runs several restaurants and food outlets has slammed the young British as “wet behind the ears and pampered”.

Citizenship Limited, the company that owns and operates
can report that Oliver’s comments follow hot on he heels of shadow Health Minister, Diane Abbot’s call earlier in the week, for the Labour leadership to support increased immigration.

Jamie Oliver claims that it was not unusual, when he was younger, to have to work up to 100 hours a week in restaurant kitchens. He points out that EU regulations now limit the number or hours that can be worked to 48 hours. He claims that his Italian chain of outlets would have to close if there were no migrants to staff them, suggesting that British workers would, simply not work the required hours. British kids are “not good at working long hours in hot kitchens” and went on to say that he has “mummies phoning up for 23 year olds saying to me,’ my son is too tired to work’ – on a 48 hour week! Are you having a laugh?” is the only online video course specifically designed for those taking the difficult Life in the UK Test.