A survey by Opinium recently found that those aged between 18 and 34 years believe immigration to be less important than human rights, jobs and well-funded social services including the NHS. This should come as no surprise as young people’s legacy of an inclusive Europe, of which they were a part has been taken from them. Instead they are faced with having to give way to big business and political aims that have nothing to do with them.

Despite the Prime Minister’s claim last week that “public concern over immigration had left the government with no option but to leave the EU single market, because retaining membership would mean that the UK had to accept EU free movement”. Surely even the thick skin of a prime minister could understand that this does not, in any way resonate with its youth. Their birthright is to travel, work, settle and live wherever they please within a free Europe. No longer are educational institutions open to them neither are the phenomenal opportunities offered by such a huge and hungry marketplace.

We will have to tell our grandchildren that Europe was once a place where they could freely travel, stay, work and participate in diverse education systems. Very soon all of these amazing advantages will soon be gone forever.

The purveyors of Brexit should realise how they are neglecting our children and grandchildren and distance themselves from convenient short-term fixes.

Citizenship Limited who operate the only online video course for the Life in the UK Test (www.lifeinukthetest.co.uk) have always put forward the right of genuine migrants to settle, work and live peacefully in the United Kingdom. There is nothing worse than a civilised country turning its people against innocent minorities. It is an acknowledged fact that British immigration is a vital driving factor of our domestic economy and certain areas of everyday life in the UK could not function without the valuable contribution and participation of immigrants.