Astonishing, that after almost a year, the most important issue facing Britain as it leaves Europe, the fate of 3M European workers has not been resolved. Not through lack of pressure, the Government chooses to sidestep the issue making every single one of these innocent people, political footballs.

The EU is clear and has been in its edict to the UK, we will play ball with you as soon as you declare your intentions towards our nationals. But Theresa May has decided that she can obtain a stronger bargaining position by keeping these people in the dark. It is only possible because they have no vote in the upcoming general election, if they had, it would be a completely different story.

So what are the intentions of our noble governing elite? Of the three million being held in ‘no-man’s land’ over 2m have been here for over 4 years and have the right, under European law to remain and obtain British residency. But the lesson to be learnt here is not to trust politicians who tell you are safe and secure. Their future is not secure in the UK, at least not until Mrs. May gets what she wants from Europe and even then chances are, she will continue to play politics with peoples lives. Her Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has already suggested that ongoing residency could be reviewed after 4 years.

Citizenship Limited has, for over six years, been rallying for the transparent rights for those who come to Britain in an honest and diligent attempt to work hard and make a decent and successful live here. We have helped thousands, through our website at, to get through the tricky Life in the UK Test. We provide the only online video course for this and receive countless positive reviews and commendations from our students.

As migration issues become the most important issue of the upcoming elections in the UK, France, Germany and other European nations, we urge all leaders and political parties to be respectful of the innocents who are simply trying to make a better, more decent life for themselves and their families. Stop the spreading of negative, divisive and racist propaganda and highlight the benefits, not just the negatives of immigration. The fact remains, whether the government likes it or not, without dedicated immigrants, this country would struggle to maintain essential services and would lose its valuable multicultural assets.