We know how many people sit the citizenship test each year and we know just how difficult they find it. Interestingly enough, even British people who were born and educated here are surprised that they do not know the answers to most of the questions!

We looked hard at what you are given or what you can purchase, to guide you through the Government handbook and quickly realised that there is nothing that is really helpful. It is simply a matter of sitting for hours, learning difficult and boring text which often does not make any sense. We do not think this is fair and have set out to do something about it. We feel that you should be helped through this vital component of your residency application, and have created Life in the UK - test to teach you all that you need to know in order to get you through the test.

Our Managing Director, John Deverell, has spent most of his life in the travel industry and lived overseas for many years. He knows what makes a business work and has brought together a small team of specialists to develop and maintain this really exciting programme.

John's daughter, Nikki, is an arts graduate with a successful background in graphics. She has used the latest technology to develop a website that does everything possible to make your learning experience both easy and enjoyable.

Our educational consultant, Jenny Huggett, is a graduate linguist and runs her own language school. Not only is she a qualified and experienced language teacher, Jenny also knows what it is like to be a language learner herself. She is fluent in both French and Spanish and is educated to upper intermediate level in German. She has lived and worked in both France and Spain as a teacher trainer. Jenny has carefully studied the Government text and, without changing its meaning, revised it and, where necessary, rewritten it to make it easier for you to understand and remember.

We are absolutely passionate about what we do and our sole aim is to make your learning experience both happy and rewarding. We have worked long and hard on this site in order to bring you a programme that is complete, enjoyable and rewarding.

It would be wrong for us to assume that this site content is perfect and complete; we will be improving it continually. We always welcome your feedback, good or bad. We will only know if we are doing things right if we hear from you. So please feel free to contact us.