How much time to buy?


It is important that you learn at your own speed and that is why we offer several time options. If you are just beginning and have not yet taken the Test then you should buy the 60 day package. This will allow you plenty of time to absorb everything, understand all of the details, take and retake all of the practice tests and fully prepare yourself for the real test.

If you have been studying for the Test but finding some of the parts difficult – buy the 30 day period. You will be able to quickly review the problem areas and then use the course to revise anything you may have forgotten. Whilst concentrating on areas with which you have difficulty, ensure you are conversant with all parts of the handbook.

If you find that you need just a short time for revision you can buy just 10 days or for existing members only, an additional 3 days.

Whatever amount of time you choose to purchase, you will be amazed how easy we have made it for you to understand the language and meaning of the Handbook. We make difficult subjects easy to understand, our teachers speak slowly and in clear English.

Online help & support

If you have any questions about your course, we are aways available with the answers. Simply use the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section – if the answer is not there we will reply to you without delay.