Astonishing, that after almost a year, the most important issue facing Britain as it leaves Europe, the fate of 3M European workers has not been resolved. Not through lack of pressure, the Government chooses to sidestep the issue making every single one of these innocent people, political footballs.

The EU is clear and has been in its edict to the UK, we will play ball with you as soon as you declare your intentions towards our nationals. But Theresa May has decided that she can obtain a stronger bargaining position by keeping these people in the dark. It is only possible because they have no vote in the upcoming general election, if they had, it would be a completely different story.

So what are the intentions of our noble governing elite? Of the three million being held in ‘no-man’s land’ over 2m have been here for over 4 years and have the right, under European law to remain and obtain British residency. But the lesson to be learnt here is not to trust politicians who tell you are safe and secure. Their future is not secure in the UK, at least not until Mrs. May gets what she wants from Europe and even then chances are, she will continue to play politics with peoples lives. Her Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has already suggested that ongoing residency could be reviewed after 4 years.

Citizenship Limited has, for over six years, been rallying for the transparent rights for those who come to Britain in an honest and diligent attempt to work hard and make a decent and successful live here. We have helped thousands, through our website at, to get through the tricky Life in the UK Test. We provide the only online video course for this and receive countless positive reviews and commendations from our students.

As migration issues become the most important issue of the upcoming elections in the UK, France, Germany and other European nations, we urge all leaders and political parties to be respectful of the innocents who are simply trying to make a better, more decent life for themselves and their families. Stop the spreading of negative, divisive and racist propaganda and highlight the benefits, not just the negatives of immigration. The fact remains, whether the government likes it or not, without dedicated immigrants, this country would struggle to maintain essential services and would lose its valuable multicultural assets.

There was much derision when David Cameron announced last year that the UK would welcome 3,000 young, vulnerable, migrant children from war-torn Syria. It was thought that the number was extremely low given the total number involved and the fact that the UK was heavily involved in the war raging in Syria. But, after much debate the target was set.

The British government’s behaviour was rather suspicious when the so called ‘Jungle’ refugee camp was forcibly closed in Calais last October. Instead of processing the children known to be residing there and clearly distressed and vulnerable, the British Home Office staff simply upped sticks and left without any fanfare, explanation or justification – simply disappeared without a ripple! The children, many with family links to the UK, were dispersed by the French authorities into various areas of France and have been either resettled, lost or forgotten. Yesterday in Parliament, believing there to be enough distractions to ensure the news would not gain much purchase, the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd stood and nonchalantly announced the decision to reduce the number of children to be resettled in the United Kingdom to a maximum of 350. A derisory total of 200 have been processed so far in the Britain, so just another 150 will be accepted.

Both Ms. Rudd and the Prime Minister have justified their action stating that more children would make the journey if they believed Britain’s door is open to them and that this would encourage more people traffickers. As politicians are well aware, ‘the best form of defence is attack’ but in this instance they are making themselves appear ignorant.

Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Yvette Cooper said “thousands of child refugees were languishing in camps in Greece and Italy, desperate for help and at risk of abuse, exploitation and modern slavery.”

The outrage was further amplified by comments from Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott; Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron ; former child-refugee and the person responsible for the Cameron government’s original commitment, Lord Dubbs. The concern of the Government’s about turn was not restricted to opposition parties with a number of Tory peers and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby also voicing disapproval. A legal challenge is to be mounted against the government.

Citizenship Limited, through its website offer the only online video course for those taking the Life in the UK Test. Over 3500 new citizens have successfully completed the course and passed the Test. The Company has always sought a policy of transparency from the Government in relation to migrants. They believe that those who are here legally have achieved the right to live peacefully, equally and treated with respect.

A survey by Opinium recently found that those aged between 18 and 34 years believe immigration to be less important than human rights, jobs and well-funded social services including the NHS. This should come as no surprise as young people’s legacy of an inclusive Europe, of which they were a part has been taken from them. Instead they are faced with having to give way to big business and political aims that have nothing to do with them.

Despite the Prime Minister’s claim last week that “public concern over immigration had left the government with no option but to leave the EU single market, because retaining membership would mean that the UK had to accept EU free movement”. Surely even the thick skin of a prime minister could understand that this does not, in any way resonate with its youth. Their birthright is to travel, work, settle and live wherever they please within a free Europe. No longer are educational institutions open to them neither are the phenomenal opportunities offered by such a huge and hungry marketplace.

We will have to tell our grandchildren that Europe was once a place where they could freely travel, stay, work and participate in diverse education systems. Very soon all of these amazing advantages will soon be gone forever.

The purveyors of Brexit should realise how they are neglecting our children and grandchildren and distance themselves from convenient short-term fixes.

Citizenship Limited who operate the only online video course for the Life in the UK Test ( have always put forward the right of genuine migrants to settle, work and live peacefully in the United Kingdom. There is nothing worse than a civilised country turning its people against innocent minorities. It is an acknowledged fact that British immigration is a vital driving factor of our domestic economy and certain areas of everyday life in the UK could not function without the valuable contribution and participation of immigrants.

For months now, the British have repeated their promise to accommodate all unaccompanied and vulnerable children who remained in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, resettlement in the United Kingdom. But without any declaration to the contrary, several hundred children have been left to their own fates and still remain in France. Before the camp was finally cleared, British officials, there to process the children, left. There being little alternative, the French authorities moved them to other centres and tried to pressure Britain to honour its commitment. This fell on deaf ears. The party line is (paraphrased) that we have accepted hundreds and hundreds more are due to be processed. So far some 300 have arrived in the UK, being only those with family ties, subject to the obligations of the Dublin Regulation III (2015) to which the UK is a signatory. No children have been accepted by the United Kingdom on compassionate grounds. Children as young as 6 years old have been completely betrayed and deserted by one of the world’s wealthiest countries. According to the International Red Cross many are “depressed and frightened”.

What is acutely evident is the fact that the government is contented to ignore the problem hoping that it will just go away. The fact is that it may go away from the eyes of the British just becoming someone else’s problem. But, importantly, is this what the British people really expect from its government? Publicly making promises, filling the most vulnerable people possible with some justifiable sensation of hope and anticipation, just to be left rotting in the mud. The reason that this is allowed to continue is that the media is not interested – its an old story and it doesn’t sell papers. Of far more interest is the handful of immigrants who may manage to get too much money from the social services or a couple of children who get through the system and turn out to be a couple of years too old to qualify.

The owners of the only online video course for those taking the Life in the UK Test (, Citizenship Limited, believe that government should face up to its obligations and be a leader in accepting those who are young, vulnerable, traumatised and in danger.

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