A big, smooth, 4 metre high wall - a solution or a disgrace?

The new Calais wall is the latest offering of the UK government’s attempt to stem the frustration and violence that is festering in the ‘Jungle’ camp. Not of the belief that walls solve nothing, at 4 metres high Mr. Goodwill’s will be higher than both the Berlin Wall and the controversial wall separating West Bank communities in Israel. He is pushing ahead despite clear evidence that this is an exercise in futility, will not be fit for purpose and will solve nothing. Those placed in the main line of fire, those facing attacks by prospective UK immigrants each day, the members of the Road Haulage Association, feel that the wall will push the problem further afield.

As the British government struggles to make sense of Brexit, it appears to be ludicrous that more is being done to alienate our French neighbours and exacerbate an already, inhumane situation.

As the summer turns to autumn, one is quickly reminded of those pitiful pictures of migrant families, huddled together to shelter from the cold and driving rain on the Normandy beaches. As the right wing press, provoked people to believe that Britain was facing an invasion of biblical proportions, people on the Calais beaches were being used. They were being used as political footballs, abused by people traffickers and slave masters. The British (and French) governments sit by and do nothing – their only suggested solution is to build a wall. With some £20m to spend on a new ‘security package’ it has not been suggested that this money would be better spent on humanitarian efforts – shelter, basic comforts, maybe even the development of a proper processing unit. But no – Mr. Goodwill wants to pin his legacy on a wall – well we all know where that is going to end!

Citizenship Limited has been supporting the rights of migrants for many years. The company that operates the only online video course for the Life in the UK Test ( believes that Britain’s pledge, given so poignantly after the Second World War, to ensure the dignity of the human and that the oppressed and those escaping persecution and the victims of war would be welcomed and cared for now means nothing.

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