The Prime Minister wants to have her cake and eat it in India

We reported last year, on several occasions, that Government policy on immigration is ill founded, unsustainable and far from transparent. David Cameron hung his immigration policy hat on reducing net migration from around 300,000 down to tens of thousands. And then, when it all went wrong; it was evident that the country needs migrants, if not to maintain the NHS then to fulfil vitals roles as carers, tradesmen and hospitality industry workers. It did not appear to be a good thing to disturb these So attention was turned to the tens of thousands of overseas students who flock here for an education and then decide to stay on afterwards. The colleges and universities were warned to be vigilant and not allow students in who could not prove they were here simply to study. After uncovering a much publicised story or two about some dubious practices in a couple of language schools, the government decided to change the rules. Only the creme de la creme of students would be admitted, they had to prove they had adequate funding, they had to leave the country after their studies and they had to pay around £1,000 for their visa. And visas would not be issued without an awful lot of red tape being endured. The intention was to strangle the inflow of students and that's exactly what it did.

The student market drives its own, valuable economy. Upwards of £18b each year. The fees and consumer spinoffs, the accommodation costs, the local taxes, and a wealth of other benefits including research projects have essentially ended.

The government put their case quite simply and frankly, quite erroneously! Any student who is allowed into this country must get educated and then get out. The main reasons that students stay for some time after they have graduated, is to pay back the huge amounts of money the education has cost them. That means more money flowing to the Treasury. It appears impossible to find any negative ( apart from the handful that may manage to abuse the system ) reasons for not making this country more attractive to overseas students.

The Indian government have every right to demand a quid, pro, quo from Mrs. May - we will offset trade deals to benefit the UK provided you relax some of the visa requirements for students wishing to study here. One should find to understand the downside for the UK in such a deal, but the PM is playing hard ball, not realising that she has been offered a win, win situation.

For many years now, Citizenship Limited, the operator of the only online video course for the Life in the UK Test ( has petitioned for the rigs of legal immigrants. The company believes that a rational, fair and transparent policy is in everyone's interest. Supporting unworkable policies and seeking inflammatory media headlines is unfair, unnecessary and inconsistent in a free and open society.
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