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Our online course

Citizenship Limited provides the only online course for residents taking the Life in the UK Test. The test was changed in April 2013 and this course has all of the new and updated requirements – every word is from the official Government handbook and all of the questions are based on the very same that are likely to be asked in the actual test. The tricky handbook has been cleverly converted by our linguists into 50 short video lessons.

Watching the Lessons

To pass the Life in the UK Test you have to study all of the handbook. We have made it into short lessons presented by our teachers in slow, clear English. We use graphics, animation and film to help you understand and remember what you are learning. This is the only complete, on-line course to help you pass the Life in the UK Test 2018. Every lesson is given by our professional teachers who have been trained by our linguist. Their presentation is simple and clear, their English is perfect.

Course Features:

After you have watched a lesson and you have understood it, click the “I understand this lesson” button. This automatically updates your personal progress page.

At any time you can see how many lessons you have watched and how much more you will have to learn. Your progress page also shows you your practice tests results.

If you do not understand a word or phrase simply pause the lesson and without having to change page, type it into the dictionary and it will give you the definition.

The notebook is for your personal notes. When you save notes they are automatically linked to the lesson you are watching, timed and dated. You can then read and edit them when you want.

This course includes hundreds of practice questions which are the same as the real test questions. We have divided them into section tests, so you can test yourself on each part of the handbook. When you have finished watching all the sections you will also have many final tests to practice.
The most important parts of the lesson are written in the key-point boxes. Open the boxes as you watch the lesson and make sure you understand them. These are the facts that you will be tested on in your real test.
Our video study guide will help you use this website and help you pass your real test. The video will show you examples of difficult and trick questions from real test questions and give you general advise on preparing for the test.
Follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter. Share your experiences with your fellow students. Your participation will go a long way to helping others that are getting ready for their important test.

Our online course includes

50 easy video lessons

Government Ebook

hundreds of practice questions

progress tracking page

all key points are highlighted

online help and support

helpful FAQ section

online dictionary and notebook

helpful video study guide